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Counterfeit Bathmate Warning – Identifying the Fakes

Bathmate’s popularity has apparently lit a flame of motivation in shady entrepreneurs the world over.  Most people have no idea of the risks associated with buying counterfeit products and only focus on the price they are paying up front.  Before you spring for that Bathmate on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist – Consider the following points;

dirty-conditions-bathmateNon-Medical Grade Handling and Materials

You can see the pictures below, the people who manufacture these imitation products do not care about the health or safety of their ill-informed customers.  One large counterfeiting operation in South Korea was shut down – and they were operating out of a garbage filled warehouseUsing superglue to attach the gaiters to the plastic pump.

This is a product that you are exposing to your most sensitive and intimate regions of your body.  This is unacceptable for any product, but specifically a male enhancement product.

Sub-Par Replicas Break Easily

The idea behind counterfeiting these pumps, is to make a very large profit. That means cheap parts, cheap manufacturing, and no quality control.  They look the same in a photo, and they promise it’s the real deal.  When it arrives the vacuum valve is usually the first to go.  The imitations use metal springs – which rust and have sharp edges.

The vacuum pressure resistance is lower – so the plastic cylinder can collapse in on itself under moderate pressure. The ruler is not waterproof, and fades and peels off.  This is all annoying, but more importantly it’s incredibly dangerous to you.  Which leads to the next point;

Counterfeit Products Carry NO Warranty or Guarantee

Because these companies or people are selling fake products, they never last long in one place.  People start to complain, and they close up shop and reopen shop in a day or two under a new name.  So any injuries incurred from using their shoddy knockoff receive no support.  Any broken or failing parts – no one cares.

I have seen BathmateDirect.com (one of three official retailers for bathmate pumps) take pity on a few people who got conned – but now that this information is out there and people know, the responsibility is truly on the buyer to ensure they are ordering a legitimate product.

A Hypothetical Scenario

Say John ordered a new bathmate from eBay, and paid $149 dollars.  Bill orders his from an official bathmate store, and also paid $149 dollars.  They both adhere to the same routine for one week. Then, on day 8 Johns pump valve pops off.  He complains online on a penis enlargement forum and asks for some support.  Support replies to him and informs him that official bathmate pumps do not use metal springs.  So now John knows he got conned – but shit he already spent the money.

So, John manages to put the valve back on and continues pumping.  Then bruising occurs on the left side of his penis. Uneven pressure causes penile tissue damage– but after the bruise fades John tries again with his pump thinking it was a fluke. Then Johns pump cracks inward, and scrapes up his penis real bad.  No one is there to support John – He is essentially on his own – because his pump is not CE Certified, or Medical Grade.  It’s not backed up any company, and the eBay account that sold him the thing is banned.

All the while Bob has been following his routine without issue.  But, even if Bob did happen to experience any of the issues Bob did, his pump would have been replaced free of charge with free shipping with only an email.

approved-retailersWeigh The Risks Before Ordering

The risk of buying counterfeit products is almost never serious, because most counterfeits sold online are purses, sunglasses, and other types of wearable accessories. Counterfeit bathmate pumps are a different issue. Bathmate is a medical grade device, manufactured in a sterile environment and quality tested before being dispatched.

If you find a good deal on a third-party website, ask for pictures of the valve up close before ordering. Also, be blunt and ask if it’s a genuine bathmate pump.  Genuine pumps are manufactured in the UK, and US so ask about that too. They ship from all over the world however, so the return address on the package does not indicate if your product is genuine!

Certified Bathmate Shops:


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