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Side-By-Side Review: Bathmate vs Penomet

Bathmate and Penomet are both water friendly penis pumps. Sometimes making a decision to buy one product over another is difficult, especially when both the products accomplish the same goal- and both carry a decent price tag.  So in an effort to provide clarity for those in need; Here is a simplified comparison and breakdown of both the pumps.

Continue reading after the table to learn about certain aspects and why they matter enough to be rated and compared here.


penomet-clear x30-clear
Package Reviewed Penomet Premium Bathmate Hydromax x30 + x40
Website http://penomet.com http://bathmatedirect.com
Complete Review Penomet Review Bathmate Review
Our Rating 4 Stars 5 Stars
Which One Fits You Penomet Premium Bathmate Hydromax x30 + x40
Max Girth 7.67 inches (19.5 cm) 8 inches (20.32)
Max Length 9 inches (23 cm) 8 inches (20.32)
Who It’s Suited Best For Guys with starting girth of 7in or more Everyone
Gaiters Removable and Interchangable gaiters Affixed gaiters
Strength 8/10 – Thinner Gaiters = Less Force 10/10 – Thicker Gaiters = Better Expansion Force
Pumping Experience Penomet Premium Bathmate Hydromax x30 + x40
Comfort 9/10 – Softer Gaiters w/ No Padding 10/10- Very Squishy Rubber Gaiter Padding
Blistering None None
Fluid Retention None to Very Little None to Very Little
Ease of Use 10/10 10/10
Limitations *No Optional Hand Grip None
Customer Support Penomet Premium Bathmate Hydromax x30 + x40
Email Support support(@)penomed.zendesk.com info(@)umproducts.com
Phone Support 888-350-8243 +44 01924 482420
Discounts / Coupons Activate Discount. 15% Off Premium Package Activate Discount. 10% Off Hydromax Pumps (Dynamic Coupon in Link)
Moneyback Guarantee 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked)
Complete Review Penomet Review Bathmate Review
Website http://penomet.com http://bathmatedirect.com

Gaiters – What Matters?

Gaiter is the name given to the rubber portion at the base of the pump. This is what presses against your pelvic bone, and should be soft and comfortable against your body even at higher thrust. Without a good base gaiter padding, or a soft comfortable gaiter, rashes and skin irritation can develop. Both of the pumps have soft gaiters, but Bathmate wins by a landslide when it comes to comfort.

Fluid Retention

Fluid Retention in the penis is similar to fluid retention in a blister from burning your finger or hand- but without the pain attached to it. Water can build up beneath the skin if pumping with to much vacuum force. Sticking with what is comfortable, and reasonable, will prevent almost all possible injuries from pumping.


Sometimes we get buyers remorse. It happens, and should it happen to you, the last thing you want is to be explaining to your credit card company or bank why you want to issue a chargeback on that penis pump you just purchased. Nor do you want to sit on the phone with some sexy sounding phone support rep explaining that the pump you ordered is just to big for your penis. Reviewing the guarantees and Warranty information is important for those reasons and more.

Both companies offer a good warranty and guarantee. Bathmate has been around longer and has zero complaints with the BBB or on RipoffReport.com. Penomet has no complaints either, but being a newer company, the lack of complaints speaks less about them than it would if they had years of business under their belt. Make your own educated decision here.


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