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Accessorize Like a Man – Bathmate Hydromax Accessories

Bathmate offers a lot of accessories for their Pumps. Cases, Rulers, etc…  They even produce their own line of lubricants.  Here is a look at what they offer:

capsule-caseCapsule Case – This case is waterproof, and protects the bathmate from scratches and dents.  It’s large enough to fit the pump, ruler, rag, and a lot more inside. It’s also dual zippered and has a loop that can be used to hang the pump around the shower head or faucet in the bathtub.  Several inner pockets for holding your lube, or anything else you use during your morning pumping session.  It comes in two sizes, x30 size and the x40-Goliath size.  Price ranges from $40.00 to $50.00.

Cleaning Kit – The cleaning kit will prove very useful. Without it cleaning inside the cylinder can be difficult.  The kit includes One Cleaning Brush + Spare head, Two Branded Towels, One Hard Wearing Case. The soft foam brush prevents scratching the plastic, and the brush arm is long enough to fit into the cylinder with no reach issues.  The cleaning kit is important to minimize bacteria growth inside the pump.  Price is $50.00.

Goliath/x40 Cleaning Brush – The separate cleaning head for the larger x40 or Goliath Model. The package comes with two cleaning sponges, and the handle. Its cheaper than the whole cleaning kit, at $16.00.

Hydromax Long Insert – This is the default insert shipped with the pump.  This is more of a replacement insert if your padding has worn out (unlikely) or you damaged or lost the insert somehow. Price: $19.99.

Hydromax Short Insert – This is a shorter insert. This is used for smaller penises, or if your penis is to thick when pumped and you want more expansion space near the base. Price: $19.35. Saves you a few cents from the default style.

Measuring Gauge – This is a simple measuring tape with a placeholder slider.  It is used to check your size inside the pump, while pumped.  This gauge tends to be more accurate than the on pump guide in terms of actual size.  Not necessary, but included with the xtreme package. Price: $19.99.

Shower Strap – The Shower Strap wraps around the back of your neck, and attaches to the tip of the bathmate. It’s not needed for everyone – depends on how strong your erections are and how strong your PC Muscle is.  But most people will find it beneficial. Makes pumping in the shower easier, and it fits right inside the water proof case. The strap is made of nylon, and the plastic fitted ring displaces the weight of the water filled pump to your neck. Price: $29.99.

Hydromax Lubricant – This is just lube, or specifically “Pleasure Lube”.  It is made of dermatologically tested skin safe ingredients. It is unlikely you will experience any skin irritation while using this lube. One bottle contains 100ml of lube, and leaves your skin smooth and soft.  I believe this is rebranded Pjur lube, but I could be wrong. Price: $18.00.

Comfort Pads – These comfort pads are for the old school Hercules and Goliath gaiters. They are made of harder rubber without the squishy inserts, so are important to replace if you have one of the older pumps.  One order contains two replacement pads. If you still have a hercules pump, try upgrading to the Hydromax.  Its a better pump, and you don’t need to replace anything.  Price: $20.00.

Power Rings – Bathmate Power Rings are cock rings designed to fit inside the Bathmate Pumps.  You can learn more about theses here.

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