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Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump Review

Bathmate is the original hydro pump, and is the most popular brand online today. It’s been featured on Tosh.0 in a comedy skit, and they have a ton of retailers online.  The Bathmate series of pumps consists of;

  • Bathmate Hercules
  • Bathmate Hydromax x30
  • Bathmate Hydromax x40
  • Bathmate Goliath

The gaiter on the Hercules is 30% less powerful than the new hydromax gaiters, and has an older design that isn’t as comfortable.  The new hydromax design is really popular because of its rotating gaiters, allowing you to turn the pump 360 degrees around while using it.

Hydromax x30 special

The gaiters on the bathmate are affixed, so cleaning the pump and gaiter is a little more difficult than with traditional pumps or the penomet.  As long as you rinse it out with soap and water after every use there wont be any soap buildup on the inside, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Bathmate sizes and specifications:

Every bathmate pump is a different size, Hercules being the smallest and Goliath being the largest.  The following sizes are “compressed” measurements, meaning this is the maximum size you can fit in the pump WHILE in use.  (Some websites list the un-compressed size, and that is useless information)

  • Hercules: 8.0 Length x 1.6in Girth
  • Hydromax x30: 7.08in Length x 1.81in Girth
  • Hydromax x40: 8.5in Length x 2.20in Girth
  • Goliath: 9.8in Length x 2.6in Girth

Which should I choose, the Hydromax or the Hercules?

The hercules is a smart choice if you are broke, and just want a hydropump to enlarge your penis.  Make sure you check which size will fit your penis, and go with that model. The hydromax models are stronger than the hercules, and the goliath because of the new pumping gaiters and valve they use.  That doesn’t mean that are a lower quality though, they all are still great pumps.


What should I expect after pumping?

Bathmate pumps are pretty well known for being strong, so first of all don’t over pump your penis.  Start out slow, and work your way up to longer pumping times and increased pressure.  After pumping for a 15 minute session you will immediately have a thicker, healthier looking penis.  The immediate results last about 4 hours before fading.  Pumping for 3 months or more will earn you the permanent gains you want.

How exactly does the Bathmate work to grow my dick?

Daily pumping is the key to penis tissue growth, and that means consistently. When you use a penis pump and expand your penile walls a little larger than they are accustomed to, you create these tiny tears.  After pumping your body goes to work at repairing those tears, but this takes a few days. Pumping 3-4 days a week, twice a day is recommended so those tears are forced to stay open, and they repair larger than they were previously.  Its very similar to how lifting weights tears your muscles, and then restores them.

How to use the Bathmate Hydromax video

Here is a video explaining how to use the hydromax edition, however its the same basic process for the hercules and the goliath as well.


Benefits of using bathmate

  • Increased erection strength
  • Improved blood flow
  • Easier ejaculation control
  • Improved stamina caused by harder erections
  • Longer and thicker looking penis

Bathmate manufacturer statement:

“The brand new Hydromax hydropump uses the amazing power of water to pull blood into the penis, expanding your corpas covenosas (blood chambers) which results in a permanently thicker, longer penis and rock hard erections.”

Bathmate before and after photos:

before after aps

Bathmate shipping and privacy:

The bathmate shop we recommend ships everything discreetly, unlike some other vendors.  They guarantee plain box delivery, and generic billing names on your credit card to protect your privacy.  They ship to p.o. boxes as long as you email them first, so if you need the order to head to your office address that option is available.

How much does it cost? Is the bathmate affordable?

The bathmate is on the high end of quality, but surprisingly the low end on price. The strongest hydromax pump line will run you between 150 to 200 dollars. Since the bathmate is a little bulky they also offer a shower strap for purchase, so if you prefer to take showers you can still use the pump without it falling off.  Its just a strap that goes around your neck and attached to the tip of the pump.

hydromax prices


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