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Bathmate Specifications and Prices

The bathmate comes in two primary flavours, hydromax-x series and the original bathmate pump. The hydromax-x series pumps are newer and tend to be more comfortable than the original. However they both still work excellent, so if you cannot afford the flashy new hydromax series pumps just pickup one of the original models. The hyromax pumps all follow a standard naming standard – X and the model of the pump.

Hercules and Goliath are the two original bathmate pumps that previously were dx’s flagship product.  The size options for the old pumps is limited, but fits a wide range of sizes.  The hydromax pumps are more specifically geared to your personal starting size, which makes for a better pump and overall a stronger and more even vacuum in the pump cylinder.

Below is a list of all the pumps (the xtreme models are no different than their non-xtreme counterparts in measurements) along with a simple guide for determining which pump is best for your starting size.

Model Max Length Max Girth Best Fit For  More+
x20 7.5in 5.5in > 5.75in Check it out
x30 (including Xtreme) 8.5in 6.7in 5.75in to 7.5in Check it out
x40 (including Xtreme) 10in 7.9in < 7.5in Check it out
Hercules 7in 6.5in > 6.5in Check it out
Goliath 10in 9in < 7in girth or length Check it out

Most guys will fit the x30, the lucky ones will fit the x40.   Now for the pricing – I put this in a separate table because I didnt want to cram to much shit into one and make it complicated or not fit on your screen.  When making a buying decision on one of these pumps, remember that just because it’s awesome to get the greatest and best model – if you cannot afford it then don’t go putting yourself into credit card debt over it.

Thousands of guys used the Hercules model pump for years before the hydromax line of pumps was even released.  They still got results, only difference is how quickly and how comfortable the pump is to wear in the bathtub.

Notice: Before searching on eBay or Amazon to find a “better deal”, understand that the Bathmate has been cloned and replicated by shitty companies in China. Buyer beware – the knockoffs are known for shattering and/or breaking during use.

Model BathmateDirect.com OfficialHydromaxPump.com
x20 $139 $139
x30 $159 $159
x30 Xtreme $299 $299
X40 $199 $199
X40 Xtreme $349 $349
Hercules $109 $109
Goliath $199 $199

So in summary, watch out for fake pumps – they are all over the place. Only buy the pump you can afford – but if you can afford the Xtreme model then buy that.  The hand grip makes it so much more powerful than all the other models. And finally, enjoy pumping! It feels really good, especially if you use the hydromax series pumps with the squishy base.

Make the process enjoyable and fun to you, and do not skip a pump session out of laziness.  Results come from sustained effort.  Buy the shower strap and hang it on the shower head so you never miss a day.

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