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How to Clean The Bathmate – Valve Maintenance

The Bathmate Hydromax Series pumps all make use of a valve system. It is designed to be repairable by owner. Here are some simple instructions for opening up the valve, cleaning it and putting it back together.

Taking apart the valve

The valve has horizontal slots on both sides, made for popping it open with a screwdriver.  Avoid using hard pressure to pop it off- while it is unlikely you will break the valve, you could scratch it up easily. Once the cap is loose, you need to pinch the black pip (airlock switch) before removing it.  The pip is small and can be lost easily.

  1. Pop off the valve cap with a screwdriver.
  2. Grip the pip, and remove the cap.
  3. Wash the top of the bathmate with warm water and a towel.
  4. Soak the valve parts you removed in warm soapy water.

Putting it back together

After you have cleaned both the cylinder tip and the valve parts with warm water and soap, you can place the pip back in the valve cap.  It snaps back on the top with a little pressure.

  1. Snap it back together.
  2. Don’t lose parts!

Testing for leaks

Since you have just adjusted the bathmate’s primary vacuum valve, it is important to test and verity there is no air leaking in.  To do this, put the pump in water, and place your hand over the bottom gaiter opening.

  1. Fill the pump with water from the sink.
  2. Place hand over bottom of gaiter, creating a seal.
  3. Compress the gaiters several times to ensure water is exiting properly from the valve.

If the pump functions properly, test the inverse by dumping the water out of the pump and submerging it in water.  Compress the gaiter to push air out, and watch for bubbles or water leaking in.

Keeping the Bathmate clean is pretty easy, but for those of you who like to skip mistakes and do it right the first time- I shared these directions here.

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