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How To Get More Girth with Bathmate Power Rings

Bathmate Power Rings are soft rubber cock rings specially designed to fit inside the bathmate penis pump.  They can be used during pumping, or after pumping to temporarily extend the girth gained from pumping.  The rings come in three styles and sizes.

  • Barbarian
  • Gladiator
  • Spartan



The rings cost about 10 dollars, and are similar to a cock ring purchased from Amazon or AdamEve.com  Pumping while using a girth ring will drastically increase the amount of blood that stays in your penis after pumping.

Effects of using a Pump Ring

  • Penis veins will become engorged, more visible, and protruded.
  • Higher blood pressure in penis while ring is on, than with ring off.
  • Discoloration can, and likely WILL occur if the ring is worn more than 30 minutes after pumping.

Benefits of using the Bathmate Girth Ring vs Regular Rings

  • All Bathmate Products are covered by the same quality guarantee.
  • All three fit inside all bathmate cylinders.
  • Cheaper than many lower quality alternatives.

You can learn more about the Bathmate Power Rings Here at the Official Bathmate Website.

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Robert Weatherby used to work in the male enhancement industry as a consutant, and has personal experience with all styles of penis pumps. He frequents several well known forums, and runs Hydropump Guide as a hobby to help guys who are new to pumping and penis enlargement tools.

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