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Penomet FAQ Page

Here are some frequently asked questions that are not answered on the Official Penomet Website.

How long does it take for Penomet’s results to start staying long term?

Initial results are temporary- as with any penis pump. Long term growth takes two – three months of pumping five days a week.  You will see gains appearing slowly, in increments of your pumped girth.  Example: 10% of your fully pumped size will stay, then 12%, and so on.

Are Penomet and Bathmate the same product?

No, they are both water penis pumps but are not the same product marketed under different names.

How big is the Penomet?

Penomet can fit a penis UP TO 9 inches long, and 7.5 inches around. Specifications are as follows:

  • Diameter: 2.46 Inches
  • Max Girth: 7.67 Inches
  • Max Length: 9 Inches

What does the Premium edition come with that the other versions do not?

  • Lifetime Support
  • Two Bottles of Cleaning Oil for the Gaiters
  • All Five Gaiters (Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75 and the strongest Force 80 Gaiter)
  • Three Year Warranty

Should I buy the Penomet or the Bathmate?

These pumps are very similar, and both are in the same price range.  Penomet is lighter, and more easily cleaned. Bathmate is heavier, but comes in a variety of sizes for better fitting.  As a general rule in LIFE, you should only buy what you can easily afford.  They both will accomplish the same thing.

Are the gaiters available for purchase separately?

Unfortunately, No. For that reason it’s smart to go with the premium edition Penomet, or just go with the Bathmate.

Does penis pumping cause discoloration?

Penomet recommends only pumping for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. 15 Minutes for beginners.  So long as you follow this time guide, no discoloration should occur.

Does Penomet cause water retention?

It can, yes.  But following the recommended pumping times included will prevent any water retention.  However this is always a risk of pumping, and can be avoided by starting with shorter pumping times and moving up slowly.

What is the purpose of all the different gaiters?

They are different strengths. They act like a spring, creating suction by pressing the cylinder back up after it has been compressed downward.  The stronger the gaiter, the stronger the suction. Having removable gaiters also allows easier cleaning.

Can the Penomet be used out of water?

Yes. It works both in water, and as a traditional air pump.

Why would I want to pump in the bath with water?

The benefit of hydro-pumps lies in the equalized pressure the water provides, and that traditional air pumping cannot.  Water pumping ensures an equalized vacuum around your entire penis, whereas air pumps can create uneven vacuums causing bruising on one side of the penis or the other.

How do I get the best results with Penomet?

Jelqing.  Jelq before pumping, during breaks, and after a pumping session.  This ensures a steady supply of fresh oxygenated blood is flowing to penile tissues, maximizing growth potential.

What lubricants are safe to use with the silicone gaiters?

Any water based lubricant will work great. Using silicone based lubricants is not advised, as it can destroy the surface and shape of the gaiters over a period of time.

Does the Penomet come in a smaller version?

No. If Penomet is to large take a look at the Bathmate.

How many times can I pump per day safely?

  • Newbie Pumpers (First 30 Days): Once per Day.
  • Intermediate Pumpers(30-90 Days): Twice per Day.
  • Advanced Pumpers (90+ Days): Three Times Daily.

Before starting a secondary session in one day ensure no soreness or bruising has occurred. If any soreness exists, take the day off.

I have pelvic fat, will pumping cause the top half of my penis to be thicker than my “inner penis”?

It is possible, yes.  This can be remedied after the pelvic fat has been burned off, by continuing pumping as usual.  Everyone has an upper limit for girth growth- and over time this uneven girth caused by pumping will even out.

How can I wash this pump?

The gaiters should be washed using the gun shine oil every 2-3 uses to keep them flexible and clean.  The tube is dishwasher safe, and can be treated pretty rough without issue.

How can I reach the Penomet Support?

  • Email: support(at)penomed.zendesk.com
  • 1-(800) 350-3924

Where does penomet ship from?

Penomet has fulfillment centers in the US and the UK.  It will ship from whichever is closer to your mailing address.



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