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A Closer Examination of Penomet’s Gaiter System

Penomet is the only hydropump to have interchangeable gaiters, making Penomet the first fully upgradable penis pump- ever.  The gaiters are numbered and colored based on the strength of vacuum each creates;

  • Force 60
  • Force 65
  • Force 70
  • Force 75
  • Force 80

The gaiters are made of medical grade silicone, and must be cleaned using a special agent called Gun Oil Shine.  It requires no water by design, since exposure to water and regular dish soap can degrade the quality of the silicone.  The color coding is just for differentiation, red being the strongest.

5 Penomet Gaiters

Benefit of Interchangeable Gaiters

Changing the suction force of the penis pump without having to own multiple pumps is nice, especially for people who make use of the routines Penomet offers.  However the major benefit for most guys will be the ability to upgrade.

As they come up with new ways to make the gaiters stronger, and possibly different shapes or sizes to accommodate different body shapes and adjust for comfort, upgrading will be noticeably easier since all thats needed is one small addition rather than a whole new pump.

  • Upgrade the penis pump strength as needed
  • Softer than other rubber gaiters
  • Easier to clean and maintain

Gaiter Maintenance

To clean the gaiters and keep them free from any buildup of lotion, or dirt, use the included Gun Oil Shine. It’s a non water based cleaner, that you rub on, and then wipe off after massaging into the gaiters.  It moisturizes them, keeping them plush and soft, and cleans them ensuring a long life.

Cleaning the gaiters and pump is easy, just shake it up and spray it out onto the cylinder and gaiters. Massage in with your hands and fingers to get into any crevices and corners where dirt can hide.  After you have a little lather built up on the gaiter, leave it to soak in for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, use a towel and wipe off the cleaner. They will smell fresh, and feel soft to the touch like new. Gaiters should ideally be cleaned after every use, but every other use is fine as well.  The cylinder is dishwasher safe, so clean the tube however you please.

Gun Oil Shine is included in the premium penomet deal, but if you would like to use it to clean another penis pump or the gaiters on the basic packages search on amazon. Its available for about 7 dollars, and works great on any male enhancement product you would like to avoid getting wet.

Where to Buy Penomet Gaiters?

For people who bought anything but the premium package, more gaiters are available from the company directly. You have to call them on the phone, or email support and request which gaiters you want to order.  They cost around $60.00 for any gaiter outside of the package. Expensive? Yes.

Order More Gaiters: 800 350 3924 

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